interactive video platform
Give your customers relevant info at a touch. Allow them to bookmark, share anything. Drive your brand-customer conversation by allowing them ask/discuss about anything they like. Superior result: up to 40% CTR.
Embeded HTML5 interactive video player. Scalable video processing and streaming services. Detailed analytics (impressions, user interactions, CTR). Information management tool for brands and agencies.
Relevant info at a touch
Imagine. A customer is watching your video and wondering where's that scene. Just a touch, and she can get the information right there, right within the video. How will she feel?
Bookmark, share anything in video
Imagine. A customer is watching your video and sees a beautiful dress. Just a touch, she can see the price, click to find out more, or even buy it. She can also bookmark the dress, share and discuss with friends. Her bookmark is always updated with the latest information, so she won't miss any sale.
We're helping our clients to do that.
Drive brand-consumer conversation
What if you miss something? It could be a low-ranking product/feature in your mind, but it's essential for your customers. With interactive videos, they can simply touch it to comment, ask for more information right within the video.
Trusted by brands and agencies
We work closely with brands and creative/media/PR agencies to craft unique solutions for their needs. We constantly monitor and inform our clients during their campaign to identify hotspots (e.g., their best traffic sources, their most engaged customer segments) and possible improvements. We do not aim for short-term gains, but focus on long-term partnerships.
We transform your videos, make them interactive
Give relevant info, actions right within videos
33-160% engagement rate, 15-70% CTR
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